Recap of raceway field trip

Students travel to Lucas Oil Raceway with guidance


Contributed by Keegan Fox

Junior Jaeden Battista does pull-ups at the Lucas Oil Raceway.

Emma Sprague, Reporter

On September 1  the guidance department took a group of students to the Lucas Oil Raceway. Here, students participated in a career-fair-like event. This event allowed students to take a step into the world of racing and witness a variety of the careers offered in the that field of work. Although the field trip was to a race track, students were still able to receive advice and guidance for the future.

Students not only had the ability to learn about the racing industry, but also to learn more about how to further themselves for the future according to junior Langston Rascoe. Students attended a lecture while at the raceway, which was given by two racers and a soldier. The event was sponsored by the U.S. Army and the NHRA.  

“People talked about taking opportunities and preparing yourself for whatever you want to do in life,” Rascoe said.  

Guidance counselor Keegan Fox says the purpose behind the field trip was to give students a look at career options. There were also opportunities revolving around fields outside of racing, like the military. For example, students were challenged to do pull-ups while at the raceway.

“Everybody had a really positive experience,” Fox said.

There was also a variety of reasons students decided to go to the raceway. The application process for the trip included a list of reasons students want to go on the trip. Some of the options were hospitality and racing. Students would then check the reasons they would like to attend. Rascoe also said his father encouraged that he went on the field trip.

“It was very beneficial if you took the time to listen to what they had to say,” Rascoe said.