September Students of the Month


The winners pose for a picture celebrating their achievements. The students(from left to right) are Sara Laithang (9),Cole Schmelzle (12),Maria Quintana (12),Rianna Hobbs (12), Kourtney Christensen (10), Kobe Tasker (10), Haley Shaw (10), Austin Taylor (9), Maria Quintana (12),Shelby Shook (12), Maya Peterson-Womack (9), and Van Lian (12).

Rachel Gray, News Writer

The September Students of the Month are the following:

Austin Metcalf (11) Art Department

Cole Schmelzle (12) Business Department

Brooklyn Alerding (11) English Department

Austin Taylor (9) English Department

Maria Quintana (12) FACS Department

Kourtney Christensen (10) Foreign Language Department

Maya Peterson-Womack (9) Guidance Office

Haley Shaw (10) Health and PE Department

Sara Laithang (9) IMC

Kobe Tasker (10) Main Office

Rianna Hobbs (12) Math Department

Shelby Shook (12) Music Department

Van Lian (12) Science Department

Nick May (11) Social Studies Department

Jenna Polly (9) Student Services