My bullying experience


Alice Ottolino , Reporter

Have you ever walked down the halls of SHS and wondered if the person who is bullying you will be right around the corner? If you have, I am right there with you. When I was in middle school, I was being harassed and bullied by a fellow classmate. Not having enough courage to go tell an adult, one of my friends did. My friend got me to explain to the staff what I had been going through, so when I did, actions were taken. In middle school the faculty was able to get the student removed from Southport Middle School.

Transferring into high school was a completely different story. My freshman year, I was in one of my classes and I happened to turn around for a quick second, and in the corner of my eye, the person who had been bullying and harassing me was less than five feet away from my desk. Right at that moment I sent a text to my parents telling them what was going on and they said I needed to leave the class. The next day my parents were at the school, explaining to the faculty what I had gone through. Ms. Brouwer was there for me and told me if I ever needed to talk to her, then her door is always open. But I would always run into this student in the hallway. I never felt safe. Every year, except this year, I would have an encounter with this student. It was insinuated that if I wanted to get completely away from this person I would have to be the one to move schools.