Theater is more than just a passion


Zach Smith, Business Manager

Theater has been around since before the Roman empire, with the first well-known play writer Aeschylus. Although he wrote a small amount of plays, he never quite knew that his fantasies of the perfect story would eventually turn into the passion and life of others. Theater has a long and eventful time span that can be seen as a celebration and passion for people who love the thrill of being on stage, singing the best of the Grease hits to performing in the play of Beverly Hillbillies. Theater does more though than just allow people to sing and dance on a stage, it allows them to express themselves through a different character and escape their own lives and act as if they don’t know their own selves.

Theater can also give purpose to one’s life. A lot of theater junkies can use it as a way to completely engulf themselves in something that will allow them to forget about their personal situations and enable them to think they have a new life. A more serious note enquires that theater can save lives. A lot of the youth have no way of coping with or understanding social issues. Theater can help someone get through tough times like depression and other things that can lead to suicide and self harm. It has saved millions of lives and has given countless people across the globe a second chance at life and at being who they want to be. This is all important when you are growing up in your high school years where being alright with yourself can be hard for everyone.

Theater is a good high school class also because of how realistic it is to the real world. The arts are the closest and realest things to the real world. You can do the things and learn the skills that are actually used in the field. Something not a lot of classes have anymore. Sure you’ll use your algebra one skills, or your MLA formatting in college, but if you pursue theater as a major and a job, you can learn a lot in high school and it all translates into the real world. Theater is more than just a passion for many, like myself, it’s the bigger picture of a dream that everyone involved wants to accomplish.