Jose Telez

Name: Jose Telez

Grade: Nine

Years Running: 1

Best Place: 2nd


Q:Why did you start running cross country?

A:I just felt motivated by other people, they were just telling me, ‘You can run, you could be good at it, you may have actually found your sport,’ so I gave it a try and I like it.


Q:How does all of the exercise affect you?

A:Now, with cross country, I feel like I’m more energized throughout the day.


Q:What do you think about while you run?

A:When I think abou just not giving up on myself because I know that county’s coming up and I just don’t want to give a bad impression of myself so I just give it all my best.


Q:Who is your biggest role model and why?

A:The coach motivates us all to run the best and that just keeps me going