Album review: ‘Reputation’


Alice Ottolino, Reporter

Listening to Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation’ album was a very eerie feeling because it’s a side of Swift I’ve never seen before. When I was in middle school, I was obsessed with her. I remember her as a popular country artist who would sing about love stories. When she released her ‘Fearless’ album in 2008, I could easily connect to her music because the songs were peaceful. Well now the new Swift has changed up on all of us.

I found ‘Reputation’ to be interesting because it is the opposite of her old albums. This album is more of a pop album instead of country. There is song called, “I Did Something Bad” and it’s about her reaction to heartbreak over a player.  I think the song is very striking because I never thought of Swift in this way. It’s not a bad thing, but it was definitely shocking.

The thing that caught my attention the most is the music video for “Look What You Made Me Do.” At the very beginning of the video, Swift is coming out of a grave. Yes, a grave. Then there are just a lot of different versions of her dressed up as different things and it only gets crazier from there.

I think my favorite song from this album is “End Game,” which features Ed Sheeran and Future. It’s very relatable for high school students because it’s about wanting to be with someone until the end.

My least favorite part of this album is the way Swift portrays herself. In my eyes, she comes across as a girl who really just wants to get revenge on everyone who has done her wrong. In her song “I Did Something Bad,” she sings “I don’t regret it one bit, ‘cause he had it coming. They say I did something bad, then why’s it feel so good?” I think that comes across a little insane and intimidating.  

A good time to listen to this album would be after a bitter breakup because it has that feeling of getting revenge on someone. In her song “Look What You Made Me Do,” Swift sings “Honey I rose from the dead, I do it all the time. I’ve got a list of names, and yours is in red underlined. I check it once, then check it twice.” It just sounds like she really wants to hurt someone and I’m not used to hearing her sing about threatening people.