New book club makes its way to SHS

Kali Ingels, Reporter

A new book club is making its way to SHS in the next couple weeks. The book clubs official name is the Reader’s Advisory of Southport High School (RASH), and was brought about because several students went up to IMC clerk Ms. Tara Foor and said they wanted to have a place where they could go to talk about books. RASH is modeled after John Green’s “Nerdfighters,” which is the idea of talking about pop culture and literature.

RASH will be a monthly book club in which they will meet on the last school day of the month. Each month they will have different themed get-togethers and will be participating in charity events, like reading to local elementary school kids.

Foor will be the facilitator, and will be the one organizing events, along with some of the staff. This is not Foor’s first time around with a book club, she participates and had participated in several.

“We do have quite a few teachers who are interested in attending which is fantastic,” Foor said.

The first RASH will be held on Halloween, Oct. 31 along with the theme of mysteries. There will be food, games, a get to know each other and then a discussion about the club.

“It’s appropriate since it’s Halloween,” Foor said. “We will sit around and talk about books that fit the genre.”

All meetings will be held in the newly renovated IMC in room 259, in the fishbowl next to the science lab. To join, all students have to do is go to the IMC and put your name on a list. Once students sign up, they will be able to choose a book from the reading list for that month’s book club.