Each student’s situation determines amount of study halls

Each student’s situation determines amount of breaks


Madelyn Knight

Junior Makenzie Lukas works on homework in the copy room during her study hall period RB1.

Emma Sprague, Reporter

Traditionally at SHS, students are required as freshmen to take a study hall and upperclassmen are permitted to take one study as an elective. However, in recent years system flaws have aided in providing two study halls for a select few students.

Junior Makenzie Lukas is one of the few students at SHS that has two study halls. Last semester Lukas had a single study hall elective class and the required, semester-long speech class. Considering she has most of her required credits completed, she opted to not fill the open spot in her schedule with a single semester-long class, and instead have an extra study hall.

“I have the study halls first and last period, which is very beneficial,” Lukas said.

When Lukas discovered the two study halls on her schedule, she says that she was surprised. Lukas never discussed the situation with her guidance counselor and the error went unnoticed.

When double study halls do occur it’s often due to input errors in the computer system, according to Guidance Director Julie Fierce. The guidance office typically does not allow students to double up on study halls, but it has to be inserted manually by one of the guidance counselors, sometimes such mistakes happen.

However, there are some situations that require special attention. For example, different personal issues with the students are taken in for consideration.

“Although we say students can’t have two study halls, anything could happen, (such) as a situation where something had to happen.” Fierce said.