Student services can offer help when needed

Riley Childers, Reporter

To some students at SHS the Student Services office is where discipline takes place, and for others it’s where they can get help for their present situations. The office offers a social worker, probation officer, two deans, a job coach and advice overall.

“ I’d say they (students) come here more for social help, where guidance is more educational.” student services clerk Ms. Kim Johnson said.

According to Johnson, many students benefit from student services, mostly freshmen, because they are new, learning what is expected and presented to them. Student services is open to any student during school hours.

“Don’t let high school mess up your future, you have to follow the rules,” Johnson said. “When people give you leeway, you have to know when to stop.”

If students are interested in meeting with someone from students services, they can go to where  the office is located, sign in at the front desk and get pointed in the right direction. According to Johnson, students do not need to be sent a pass to come to the office, they can talk to someone as soon as they sign in.

“Before you know it, these four years are going to be done,” Johnson said. “One day you are going to be parents with kids in the same situation, what are you going to say to them?”