Review: Taco Bell’s nacho fries aren’t worth your dollar

Alyssa Clark, Entertainment editor

As an avid Taco Bell lover, I was very intrigued when they announced their new nacho fries, especially since they were only a dollar. However, after actually eating them, my opinion of these fries changed drastically.

Biting in, I was expecting a crunch with a little bit of spice, but that’s not what I got at all. Instead, they were very soggy, bland and tasted much like SHS’s seasoned potatoes, just with nacho cheese on the side. I definitely wouldn’t say that they are “amazingly crispy and boldly seasoned with Mexican spices,” as it says on Taco Bell’s website.

The portion you get for one dollar is pretty nice, considering you also get nacho cheese with it too, which I used for my other tacos.

I know that Taco Bell isn’t a five-star restaurant, but compared to the other items they recently launched, such as their Locos Tacos and Orange Creme Pop Freeze, this was a huge disappointment.

From now on, I’ll stick to my Mini Chicken Quesadilla and Cinnamon Twists.