Parents need to make a positive impact


Emma Sprague, Reporter

For as long as I’ve been in school, my parents have been involved with my education. They have attended countless concerts, back-to-school nights and parent teacher conferences. Although they’ve been right by my side during this journey, there is one thing that they haven’t done. My parents have never gotten mad at me for my grades or the way I perform in my classes. I was always told that as long as I’m trying and actually putting effort into my school work, they won’t be upset with me.

I’ve heard from people that have parents much different than mine that they will sometimes receive punishments when their grades falter. Although parents may have been raised with this parenting style or think it is the right decision, it could affect the kid’s education negatively. According to a website called The Conversation, a study conducted by the University of Michigan explains that when parents responded with lecturing, punishing or restricting their child’s social activities, their children actually had lower levels of achievement by the time they finished high school.

In some cases, a punishment may be necessary to get the student on the right track. Social worker Carole Banks explains on that communication needs to take place so there can be a solution. Parents must find the source of the problem before a punishment is instated. Banks also stated that parents should avoid confiscation items from their children. Even though this seems like the right idea, it can lead to a lack of motivation from their already struggling student. Banks states that removing an activity or hobby from their life could cause them to give up completely.

Punishments may seem like the best way to fix a problem when it comes to parenting, but I believe that parents should help the child realize that high school is important and that doing well is necessary for achievement after graduation. If parents sit down with their child and explain that they are not going through the great journey of high school alone, it can lead to a positive impact on their education.