Meet next year’s Booster Club



Why did you join Booster Club?

Chaz Hinds: “I joined to try and help our school spirit and to try get a lot of people at the games because I enjoy cheering for our school.”

Abby Dunn: “I’ve wanted to do this since freshman year and I’m just a big advocate for school spirit. I think I’d be good to get more people involved in supporting other things than sports, like the music program.”

Rachel Dean: “I really like getting people excited to go to games and I have a lot of school spirit and I want to make senior year the best year.”

Jacob Smith: “My cousin was on the 2013-2014 Booster Club and he inspired me to do it and I’ve had a passion ever since then. Freshman year I wanted to come in and wanted to be on the Booster Club immediately, so I’ve been looking forward to this for a really long time.”

Olivia Brite: “When I came in freshman year my brother was on Booster Club and so I looked up to him in a way. I figured that Booster Club was something I wanted to do. I’ve always been a leader, so It felt like something I should do. I felt like I needed a bigger commitment and something more involved in the school and school spirit is really important.”

Hollynd Givens: “I wanted to do something fun with my senior year, so I thought Booster Club was a good way to do that.”

Peyton Frye: “I’ve wanted to join since I was a freshman. It looked fun and I think I can do more stuff than they’ve done in previous years.”

What are you excited to do in Booster Club this year?

Chaz Hinds: “I’m excited to be cheering for the teams and to try and get a lot more people there and the entire year.”

Abby Dunn: “I’m really excited to lead the cheer blocks and to come up with themes and bring new ideas for stuff that we can do to get more students involved.”

Rachel Dean: “I’m excited to make a lot of videos this year compared to the past couple years and I’m excited for football games and basketball games.”

Jacob Smith: “I want to promote everything. I want to boost school spirit up and that goes for everything: RDM, marching band, football, basketball, everything, even the golf team. I want everybody to be excited and ready for the school year.”

Olivia Brite: “I’m excited to bring something new to the table. I know that we have a lot of new ideas that many other Booster Clubs haven’t thought of before.”

Hollynd Givens: “I’m excited to be in the stands with my friends and everyone.”

Peyton Frye: “I’m excited to be goofy with some of my friends and getting students involved and to have fun this year.”


What other activities do you participate in?

Chaz Hinds: “Basketball”

Abby Dunn: “Tennis, orchestra and philosophy club”

Rachel Dean: “Tennis, volleyball, track, RDM”

Jacob Smith: “Swim team, track, cross country, unified track, volleyball”

Olivia Brite: “Student Council, cheerleading”

Hollynd Givens: “Cheer, RDM, yearbook editor”

Peyton Frye: “Football, wrestling, lacrosse”


What’s your favorite thing about high school?

Chaz Hinds: “Some of the teachers”

Abby Dunn: “How much I’ve been involved and how supportive a lot of teachers in the school are.”

Rachel Dean: “Playing sports”

Jacob Smith: “The atmosphere and the friendships”

Olivia Brite: “The environment and being a part of the school”

Hollynd Givens: “The people”

Peyton Frye: “Getting to know people”


What is your favorite hobby?

Chaz Hinds: “Playing basketball with my friends.”

Abby Dunn: “Crocheting”

Rachel Dean: “Playing sports”

Jacob Smith: “Running, playing basketball or (playing) Frisbee with my friends”

Olivia Brite: “Being active and being with my friends”

Hollynd Givens: “Being around people”

Peyton Frye: “Playing outside with my friends or (playing) video games”


What’s your favorite movie?

Chaz Hinds: “Guardians of the Galaxy 2”

Abby Dunn: “Love Actually”

Rachel Dean: “Lord of the Rings”

Jacob Smith: “Stand By Me”

Olivia Brite: “The Greatest Showman”

Hollynd Givens: “White Chicks”

Peyton Frye: “The Dark Knight”


What’s your favorite thing in the entire world?

Chaz Hinds: “Money”

Abby Dunn: “Food”

Rachel Dean: “My family”

Jacob Smith: “Happiness”

Olivia Brite: “My mom”

Hollynd Givens: “Cheesecake”

Peyton Frye: “Sports”