The customer isn’t always right


As an employee in the customer service industry, I am constantly hearing the phrase, “the customer is always right.” Well, I am here to say that statement is 100 percent false. Some customers are ridiculously picky and obnoxious. If you so happen to be one of those people, I suggest you stop because it can be quite annoying. The customer is not always right.

Not only is it annoying, it is quite frustrating. Especially if the server is busy. Servers don’t have much time to greet a table once they are seated. I am just going to lay this out. Say the “Customer is always right” table is called table x and the recently sat table is table y. If the server spends a majority of the time tending to table x’s needs, table y will not be able to receive the best service the server can give. So pretty much the entitled table can monopolize your time.

Some customers can be abusive with this statement. When a server and the table get into a spat about something, the table can say those four little frustrating words. People can pretty much get away with anything and get anything they want from a business.

I personally have been involved in a case where the customer is just completely wrong. There are very many different ways they can be wrong. Most of the time though, the customer will say one thing but mean another. For example, there was one time when a table of mine had said they wanted a tomato on their sandwich, and when it was brought out to them they threw a fit because they wanted lettuce, not a tomato. So, instead of just taking the tomato off and replacing it with a piece of lettuce, they wanted the whole sandwich remade, which was a little bit ridiculous.

These types of customers just cause more stress to not only the server, but also to most of the other staff. If the customer complains about something so miniscule and requests to have their meal replaced, the kitchen has to be able to redo that meal as quickly as possible and not fall behind. DO NOT be one of those “the customer is always right” people. It is just very frustrating and annoying for most employees in the restaurant.