Astronomical review of “ASTROWORLD”


Photo from Travis Scott’s Twitter, @trvisXX

Travis Scott’s “ASTROWORLD” album artwork. “ASTROWORLD” was released on Friday, Aug. 3.

Across 17 tracks, American rapper, Travis Scott, brings a theatrical and mesmerizing vibe to his newly released third studio album, “ASTROWORLD.”

The album, which was just released Friday, Aug. 3, is jam-packed with a wide variety of unique sound, spine-chilling beats and impressive musical guest features to help Scott make a proper statement with this long anticipated release.

Now, don’t get me wrong, rap is a genre of music that I do enjoy and listen to frequently, but it certainly doesn’t cloud my music library. There are some mainstream artists and songs across this genre that I simply just cannot bring myself to listen to or even really enjoy because most of them sound way too much alike.

However, Scott’s “ASTROWORLD” has a very distinctive, diverse sound in which the lyrics and beats allow for each track to have its own individuality.

The unexpected features of artists like The Weeknd, Drake and Swae Lee on a handful of tracks throughout the album really illuminate the diverse aspect of “ASTROWORLD,” as this allows for a change of flow and sound on the tracks. Drake’s tasteful, up-beat feature on the third track, “SIKOMODE” adds an enhanced element to the tranquil and trippy foundation of the album that was set by the first two tracks, “STARGAZING” and “CAROUSEL.”

The extremely trippy beat and flow of “SIKOMODE” then hits hard. It doesn’t take long for the song to make you feel like you are going through a strobe lit, illusion tunnel at the circus. There are several songs like this on Scott’s album, but all of them hit and trigger your imagination in different ways.

Out of all the quality tracks on this album, I really enjoy “5% TINT” and “SIKOMODE,” but the one that wins my attention over the rest is the catchy and addicting sound of the pre-released lead single of this album, “BUTTERFLY EFFECT.” This track came out over a year before “ASTROWORLD”, as it was released on May 17, 2017.

“BUTTERFLY EFFECT” is a song that I can genuinely listen to over and over again and never even come close to getting sick of. The captivating, irresistible sound of this track consistently allows it to be a song that I can’t help but unhesitantly play first when I open up this album.

“ASTROWORLD” is without a doubt an album that I can play from beginning to end, as I am fully and genuinely satisfied with the entire thing. This is a tasteful, worthwhile album that consistently gave me chills as I worked my way through it. If you’re looking for new music, I highly recommend you give “ASTROWORLD” by Travis Scott a listen, you won’t regret it.