Crocheting has entered SHS

Kali Ingels, Reporter

SHS will now be having a knitting and crocheting group. This group was formed by IMC clerk, Ms. Tara Foor. It was created because Foor had students approach her asking for a knitting and/or crocheting club. Instead of a club, they decided to start a program.

All students around SHS are eligible to participate in the knitting and crocheting group. The group will be meeting in the IMC. The first meeting was held on Wednesday, Nov. 12.  . To participate, students have to report to the IMC and sign up on a paper located on the desk at the front.

“The purpose of this group is for you to get to know how to knit or crochet,” Foor said. “Also, you get to help out your community, hang out and do something you didn’t think you could do before hand.”

The students that are involved in the group will be making scarves. Foor has been in close contact with some local craft stores, and they donated some of the materials that are needed to construct the products. Each scarf made will put into a donation basket and sent to local families around the southport area.

The crocheting hooks and knitting needles that will be needed to make the scarves will be eligible for check out in the library. For the first time meeting, the craft stores provided the yarn, but every meeting after, participants will have to bring their own yarn.The group also had a donation day for supplies that would help them construct the scarves.

Foor says that there is  a lot of staff around SHS that has wanted to get involved. She says that the turnout for the group is bigger than what she had expected.