Student council in the midst of annual canned food drive


The student council is currently running the annual canned food drive. The members have encouraged students and staff to participate using a prize incentive.

It’s Thanksgiving Day, and there is no large, warm, delicious meal to look forward to. This is how many local families know the holiday season, and they are relying on SHS to help change that.

“We’re giving food to those who can’t provide for themselves,” junior vice president Meghan Mendel said. “That should just put into perspective for some kids (that) not everybody can eat all the time.”

Student council is hosting a canned food drive that will last until Nov. 20. The cans will be donated to Hunger Inc., a local food pantry. With these donations, many low-income families will be provided with meals for the holiday season.

“Especially Thanksgiving time, it’s a good time for us to think about other people,” student council sponsor Joseph Leonard said. “I think it’s important to encourage everyone to look outside themselves a little bit and focus on the community.”

Student council members are dividing into teams, and each team is taking over a department of classes. It is up to each team to advertise for the canned food drive and keep count of the cans. The competition is between each department, as well as each RB1 class period. The overall winning department receives a spirit award, while the individual winning class receives Long’s Donuts as a prize.

“I think (the students) should participate because it’s for Hunger Inc,” freshman class president Ellie Brown said. “It’s going towards a really good cause. And it’s just something fun to do and to get involved.”