SHS swimmers prepare for tough practice schedule over winter break


Kelsey Jones

Junior Leslie Anderson swims at a practice on Dec. 17.

To most, winter break is about celebrating the holidays with friends and family, but not to the SHS swimmers. For them, winter break is “death,” according to sophomore Micah Ellyson.

This is due to the tough practice schedule that is laid out for the team over break. They will practice Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. every day during winter break, and the only days they get off are Christmas and New Years Day.

“I hate it a lot at the beginning and then the hate dies down kind of in the middle and then I hate it a lot in the end,” senior Jordan Cox said.

The first hour of their practice is on dry land. Dry land consists of training with medicine balls, weights, running and sometimes frisbee. Following dry land is three hours of swimming, getting as much yardage in as possible.

The only break that the team gets is one five minute break to fill up their water bottle. According to Ellyson, if someone gets to tired while swimming, they can sit out of the rest of the drill but will have to join the next one.

Once the swimmers have completed the “worst part of the season,” they know they have beat the season. Completing the workouts also puts the team in the right mindset to complete the whole season.

“Afterwards once you know that it’s over, you know that you just accomplished the rest of the season,” Ellyson said.