Ben the bus driver

SHS athletic team bus driver uses his job to fuel his love of sports


Jessica Johnston, The Anchor

Ben De Boer watches the boys basketball team as they play against Avon on Dec. 21.

Aside from playing politics on the radio on the way to Bloomington, athletic team bus driver Ben De Boer has another unique trait:  he sits on the sideline or in the dugout, alongside the players and coaches he transports.

De Boer has been driving SHS athletes around the state for 13 years and plans to do it for many more. According to Deboer, he enjoys watching the games and feeling like a part of the team.

“I just really enjoy the sports part,” De Boer said.

De Boer attended high school at Franklin Central. While he was there, he was a part of the football, basketball and cross country team. According to De Boer, this contributed to his love of sports.

After graduating high school in 1969, Deboer attended Indiana University and IUPUI. He later took a job at Grocers Supply Co. Inc, De Boer worked as vice president, operation manager and transportation manager, then became a stockholder after the company was purchased. He was a part of the company for 30 years.

According to De Boer, he was bored after leaving the familiar company and wasn’t sure what to do. A friend recommended that he drive buses, but Deboer wasn’t interested.

Eventually, De Boer would take a job as a bus driver and end up driving the SHS football, basketball and baseball teams along with having a regular bus route. While De Boer says that he doesn’t really enjoy driving the bus, he does enjoy watching the games and feeling like a part of the team.

One of the players that is familiar with De Boer’s rides is senior Eddie Schott. According to Schott, it would be weird not having De Boer to drive the players. Schott wrote that Deboer would interact with the whole team and frequently ask how players were doing.

“He’s not just the bus driver,” Schott said, “He talks to us and everything, just like anyone.”

Aside from driving buses and watching sports games, De Boer enjoys golfing, attending Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre shows and holds playoff tickets for the Colts and Pacers.

According to De Boer, basketball is his favorite sport to transport and watch because it is the sport he was most involved in during his youth. However, De Boer says that he still really enjoys football and baseball. De Boer has driven teams for many years and plans to for many more.

“If I’m able to, I’ll do it as long as I can,” De Boer said.