Year-round athlete realizes his love for competition


Melissa Bushong

Junior Ryan Lezon

For junior Ryan Lezon, ever since elementary school the sports seasons have blended together. From indoor soccer, to baseball, to football and then to basketball. There were constant nights and days of endless practices and games.

Lezon has been an athlete for most of his life. With the amount of time that has been dedicated to his passion, his body and mind began to wear down. He needed a break.

“This football season I took a beating,” Lezon said. “But I did my best to heal up quick and refuel.”

Lezon had practiced with both the basketball and football teams over the summer. As football came and gone, Lezon realized how tired he was mentally and physically. He decided that a break from basketball would have been the best option to rejuvenate himself. What Lezon found out during the two months he wasn’t playing was that this break was actually the exact opposite of what he wanted.

According to Lezon, watching from the stands made him realize how much he actually missed the competition of being a part of the game. Even though football and baseball are his “first loves,” Lezon is a competitor and wanted to be back on the court.

Lezon is not only a competitor on the court, but also in the classroom. Lezon has a 4.28 gpa and is enrolled in all AP or DC classes. According to his father and coach, Gene Lezon, Lezon will go home and sleep until dinner then stay up until 11 p.m. doing homework.

The SHS boys basketball coach, Eric Brand, saw the competitive spirit inside Lezon. According to Brand, Lezon had done everything Brand had asked him to for a shot to be on the team again. According to IHSAA, any player has to have at least 10 practices to play in a game. Lezon went to Brand over winter break about being back on the team, got his practices in and has now played in two games, and he is starting to take on a bigger role with senior Chaz Hinds out with a severe ankle sprain.

“(Lezon) doesn’t do everything exceptional but he competes at everything and gives me all he has…,” Brand said, “which is really what I ask from all the guys as a coach.”