Letter to the editor

Utilize the IMC


April is School Library Month, and it’s a month in which we celebrate school libraries and everything that the Instructional Media Center (IMC) has to offer to our Southport Cardinals.
The IMC isn’t just a room above the main hallway where you can go to get your Chromebook fixed. It’s a room where some of the greatest learning takes place. It’s a place where students gather to collaborate on art projects with their classmates, find a quiet place to focus on catching up on late work or even play a board game with some of their peers. You may even see a Sphero robot go by or see someone exploring the rainforest canopy in our Virtual Reality headsets. There are endless possibilities for learning in our library, and I haven’t started talking about the books yet!
As a lifelong learner, I believe that knowledge is power. I also believe that reading is one of the easiest ways to acquire knowledge. A room full of books is an arsenal for the war on ignorance and can help you tackle any questions you may ask, curiosities you encounter or problems you may face. There are people within the pages of a book that originate from different races, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic backgrounds and circumstances that can’t wait to meet you. There are places in history, the future and even in today’s present that are calling you to come visit. And if you’re lucky, there’s a major twist just waiting to surprise you and hoping that you choose it from all of the options presented on the shelf. Books are also a great way to start conversations that advocate for change, which is a primary goal of the #SopoReads initiative. Building a culture of reading is challenging, but you start by reading (and discussing) one book at a time.
The IMC is YOUR school library and is open to all of our students and staff members of Southport High School. When you enter the library doors, you’ll be welcomed into a space that is ready to help you find out more information about the topics that interest you, as well as ways to get inspired on how to follow your dreams. How can your school library benefit you as you pursue your goals? Visit us to find out!
As a way to kick off School Library Month, we welcome you to join the #SopoReads Book Club after school today in the IMC as we host Edgar Award winning author, Mindy McGinnis, who writes books that address issues relevant to teens in a gritty, honest way. Join us for the presentation, stay for the conversation and learn how you can become a resource to impact your world around you.