Geller’s taste of broad music

Britton Whitlock, Reporter

When social studies teacher Mr. Andrew Geller was younger, he made a trip to New York to see the Wu Tang Clan and Rage Against the Machine play in concert. Geller describes his taste in music as broad. He says that he will listen to anything but pop country, although he does appreciate old country music and Bluegrass.

While Geller admits that there are some songs that he doesn’t like, he says that he tries to appreciate artistic ability. He also thinks that it is important to listen to what he likes, instead of what is simply popular at the time.

“I went through a phase when I was younger when I would try to listen to whatever was ‘cool,’” Geller said. “I guess that since an early age I decided that I was going to listen to whatever I wanted to listen to, rather than have MTV, or some radio station or somebody else tell me what was good. I was going to make that decision up for myself.”

Geller is originally from Detroit, and he tries to appreciate that type of Hip Hop. Geller likes Hip Hop music, but what he really enjoys is MCs who promote social consciousness, instead of bragging about their cars or their clothes or their money.

Lyrically conscious music and originality are two other things that Geller looks for in music that he listens to.
“Ever since I was into music I’ve been into the music that I appreciate,” Geller said. “Media’s conjecture of what you’re supposed to look like or what you are supposed to listen to is something that I try to avoid.”

Geller thinks that Danny Brown is the poster child of originality. He doesn’t care that he’s missing a tooth or that his hair is completely unkempt most of the time, according to Geller. He thinks that artists like that are the kind you have to actually listen to their music and lyrics, other than just looking at their image.