Pep rally will bring SHS together

Alicia Jones, Reporter

“I’m hoping that the school will come together as one, especially the senior class,” said Booster Club sponsor Mrs. Stacey Matlock.

The pep session, which takes place after school today, will consist of the four Booster Club officers, seniors Lily Freese, Jake Rose, Nathan Cooper and Sarah Fowerbaugh, a senior from each team and teachers Ms. Barbara Whitlock, Mrs. Rachel Pearce, Mr. Joe Horvath and Mr. Matt Seifers.

Also joining the four officers at the pep session with be seniors Jensen Smith, who ran for Jenny & The A Team, and Eddie Drews, who ran for Team Loud.

“I think it’s a good thing to have everybody as one and show that in the end it’s all about school spirit and putting Southport first,” Matlock said.

The pep session is supposed to reunite the school as a whole again, and by doing that, they’re going to reach out and pull everyone together. All they need is the school to reach out and meet them halfway, according to Matlock.

“Seeing that a lot of kids aren’t reacting to us, we see we might as well branch out and give what the school works,” Freese said. “We’re working together instead of working against the current. Everyone’s all for it.”

Events at the pep session will include a relay, which brings in the seniors from the winter teams, with more to come.