RDM grows and does more for the kids

Rachel Gray , Student Life Co-editor

Over this past school year, RDM has seen a significant expansion within their number of student members. They are excited to see an increase of 20 new student members within RDM.

“It’s just good to know that students want to be connected to the cause, and work to plan the event, and work to fundraise year round,” RDM advisor, Mrs. Jorie Depalma said.

As a result of the increase in student members, RDM currently has a total of 21 student directors and 70 staff members within the program. Since they have recently acquired a larger staff, RDM believes that there will be more charity opportunities as a result. They are now able to take on more work, host larger events and raise more money. Most importantly, they will be able to help Riley Children’s hospital even more so than they have been able to in years previous.

The increase in student members has helped raise the donations for RDM fundraisers such as their current Little Debbie treat sale and their gift wrapping for Riley as well as several other current and future RDM programs. The members of RDM are now going around asking their teachers, friends and family about possibly being interested in purchasing Little Debbie holiday treats and or possibly wrapping their holiday presents for them in exchange for a donation to RDM.

All donations that are made from these events will go to Riley Children’s hospital. Though the dominant focus for the time being are the holiday fundraisers, RDM has already began preparation for this year’s Riley Dance Marathon. This year’s new recruits are believed to be a great help for RDM, especially in reaching their goal for their upcoming annual Riley Dance Marathon.

“Our goal(for the Riley Dance Marathon) is to have more student participation than even before and just have a really great time,” Depalma said.

This recent growth within the RDM program is believed to be helpful as well as exciting, and may possibly lead RDM to help Riley Children’s Hospital through raising money as well as awareness of the children within the hospital itself.