IMC hosts stress relief activities for in preparation for finals week

Mikayla Whittemore, Entertainment Reporter

As finals week approaches, stress levels in teens spike, says SHS librarian, Ms. Tara Foor.

“I’m in the midst of finals week for grad school, and I am brain dead. I could not imagine how a kid who’s trying to balance school, social life, clubs and studying for finals all at once,” Foor said.

So to gear everyone towards an easier finals week, the IMC will be hosting three different sessions for SHS students looking to either study or relieve some stress. The after school sessions are designed to take away some of the pressure that rests on the shoulders of the kids during finals week.

“Often times in college, libraries have finals de-stressing activities because of how intense the week can be. I just thought we needed a place to relax and be able to focus for the last few days before break,” Foor said.

The planned activities range from yoga with, Ms. Rachel Pearce, to having coloring pages for everyone present on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

With limited space however, those interested in attending should reserve places to study such as the couches, booths or tables. This can be done by e-mailing Foor with requests at [email protected]

“The library will be sectioned off so that individuals can go about their business with whatever fits them the most,” Foor said. “If students want to study, we’ll be more than happy to accommodate them. However, some students want to have fun, so we’d like to have the best of both worlds.”

The sessions last two hours after school, but are not offered past 4:30 p.m. Again, those  interested should e-mail Foor to reserve places to work.