Seniors need to be on the lookout for not only scholarships but others as well

Kali Ingels, Reporter

As senior year approaches and college gets closer, students need all the scholarships and money they can get in order to pay for college. Yes, scholarships are what comes to a student’s mind when they think of paying for college, but there are many other ways to pay says the director of financial aid at Hanover college Mr. Richard Nash.

If it is not a full-ride scholarship, most likely it will not pay for every year of college. The FAFSA is a big part that plays along with college. The FAFSA is the form used by the Department of Education to determine a student’s expected family contribution based on financial information, like as income and assets.

“This form also helps student from Indiana be eligible for the two main state grants, The Frank O’Bannon Grant and the 21st Century Scholars Award,” Nash said.

Guidance counselor Ms. Julia Fierce says that not enough student fill out the FAFSA form. Most people think “Oh, I’m middle class, I won’t qualify for it,” but Fierce says that students should, because they don’t know what they will qualify for.

“You won’t have other opportunities while applying for other things in college,” Fierce said “You don’t know what you are able to get if you had never filled out that for.”

Financial aid is also something each stu-cards-dent should consider when looking and applying to college. Financial aid is intended to make up the difference between what a family can pay and what college costs. More than half of the students currently enrolled in college receive some sort of financial aid to help pay college costs says

Another thing students can do while attending college is getting an on or off campus job. They are many different places students can work on campus like the library and in food. Fierce says that most student will get jobs throughout college and will work during their free time.

“Many students also participate in an on Cschool work program and will work part time while taking classes, which is fabulous,” Fierce said.

It is just the amount of patience and time each students puts into filling out paperwork and looking for different things that they may or may not qualify for. She says that there have been students that have applied for different things they do qualify for and still have received money.