Basics of layering

Christina Hemphill, Opinion editor

The Basics of layering

Layering is fun and easy to do, especially in the cold winter when it’s freezing outside! This is one of my favorite fashion trends to follow, mostly because it’s just so easy and comfy! Here are a few tips to become a pro at layering.


  1. Key items for layering: a denim shirt, a comfy tee, a long tank, a scarf, a vest, a sweater, a blazer and necklaces of all shapes and sizes. When you have these key items, it’s easy to mix and match to create a cut, layered outfit. Invest in good pieces and good patterns and it will be much easier to pair things together to make outfits.
  2. To find inspiration: Pinterest is literally my best friend. My pinterest is full of over 250 pins of outfits I want to try out. The easiest way to begin your journey of layering is to look at a picture and try to mirror what’s in the picture with pieces of your own.
  1. What goes with what?: I’ve followed the picture on the right from Pinterest countless numbers of times. These patterns and colors go perfectly together. But, when it comes to layering there really is no wrong turn. Layering outfits is almost like an art project. You can mix pretty much anything with each other, and use your creative side to add layer upon layer.
  2. Accessories: Scarves are a great peice to throw on any outfit. Invest in a few neutral colors, and they will be your easiest go-to when you need an extra layer.
  3. Go bold with prints: Pair polka dots with stripes, blacks and greys with bright neons and even plaids with different color plaids. Fashion is all about having fun with color and prints, so don’t be afraid to play around and try different things.