Drews wraps up this thoughts

Hugo Oskarsson, Reporter

I got a different look

I don’t really care what you say

I don’t go by the book

I just do me every single day


Why are we here?

Tell me what things do you imagine?

We’re thought to hide in fear

Running away from political wagons


I like The Beatles

Music makes my mind sharp as a needle


Imagine them all without their steeple


Nothing to guide them

Provide for them

Or even control their minds for them


“In all my music interests I use The Beatles as an example. They’ve made me see the world differently and see people’s full potential,” said Eddie Drews.


We all have dreams

But some of us choose to hide from them

It’s a shame

That those people just don’t know what’s inside of them


Do you believe in love?

Something the world is now void of

Because I’m a believer

So don’t you dare call me Ebenezer


“There’s too much hate in the world. People has lost the meaning of love,” said Drews.


Some people live for money

Stuck on high profits and big sells

I think that’s pretty funny

Call me Jerry Seinfeld


Don’t be foolish

Always live your life to the fullest

We’re all terminal patients

So don’t always settle for patience


Walk these halls like a hotel with joy

Bell boy

I think they’re ringing the bell, boy

It’s a decoy


Pond, lake, river, and stream

Filled with waste and all the streets with steam

Ain’t it a shame

How the gloomy days aren’t caused by rain


Still we smile like a child

Because this is a happy world gone wild

I pass the mic without  a worry

Now Jensen, do it for the story.