Squid Game Review


Art by Natalie Walker

In mid September, Netflix released a new live-action series titled “Squid Game.” The show, despite being only nine episodes long, has gotten a lot of hype on social media. I can personally say that the hype is well deserved.
Based in Korea, this show is about debt-ridden people who are given the opportunity to win money via a series of games. The chosen individuals are taken to a hidden island where they will compete. What these players don’t know is they would have to risk their lives in order to win these games.
If a person failed a game, they would die. 100 million won (the currency in Korea) would be added to the prize money for each person who died.
There are seven games that the players participated in. Some of which were classic children’s games in Korea. The games included Red Light Green Light, Dalgona Candy, The Midnight Fight, Tug of War, Marbles, Glass Stepping Stones and last but not least, Squid Game.
Getting to see how the actors portrayed the fear of their characters when each challenge came around was interesting. When the cameras panned to the main characters of the show, I could see on their faces just how scared they were. Their voices were shaky when they talked to one another, and their eyes were wide. I felt like I was in their shoes.
I also found it fascinating that characters would kill off other players in hopes for an advantage, or that some characters would hide while waiting for the next challenge. Some would even make alliances. The dynamics and strategies intrigued me.
It was all so captivating that I can’t say I have a favorite part of the show. Every part of it was amazing and unique. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, it did.
Everything about the show is a mystery. Once one door closes, another one opens and it keeps its viewers on the edge of their seats.The show offers plot twist after plot twist that gives the audience a longing for more.
The neverending cliffhangers don’t help ease the suspense in the series either. It was hard for me to turn the show off once I started watching it.
Overall, I definitely recommend this show. The acting is phenomenal, the story line is so fun to follow and this show will have people intrigued the entire time. “Squid Game” is definitely a show worth watching.