Lady Cards senior returns before game against Braves

Alex Green, Reporter

With a record of 6-8, the girls basketball team faces Terre Haute South, Saturday Jan. 17 at noon.

Head coach Mr. Matt Seifers says that with the week they’ve had to practice, which is very rare, they’ve been able to restructure things they have been doing.

“We’re going to try to play a little faster,” Seifers said.  “We’re going to pick up the pace both offensively and defensively.  We’ve really spent the week doing drills and a lot things to get there.”

Terre Haute North, who beat Terre Haute South by six points, is very close in level of play, but very different in style of play.

Terre Haute North is a slow down, run a lot of plays and try to beat one possession at a time team, whereas Terre Haute South would rather run it up and down the court, which is what the Cards want to do, according to Seifers.

“At this point it is about getting more aggressive defensively,” Seifers said.  “We are at the point where we are good on defense when we are doing good offensively and having fun, so we’ve been working to get faster on offense.”

According to Seifers, Terre Haute South has two really good shooters and all the girls need to do is find them and not let them have open shots.  They are a team that really likes to drive to the basket, so the girls have to stay in front of them and make them take tough shots.

Seifers says that a little bit of all the players should be watched out for, and that each girl is doing well, but he needs them to play all of the elements of the game at the same time.  Also, senior Kylie McQueen has recently been cleared from a concussion, but Seifers says he doesn’t know how much playing time, if any, she will be able to get.