Mission accomplished

Sophomore turns to fundraising to relieve financial stress


Contributed by Rem Hnem Tial

Sophomores Remmie Tial and Sui Par make reversible tote bags for $20. This is one of the many ways Tial and her friends have helped the community.

Growing up, sophomore Remmie Tial has always enjoyed helping others in any way she could. Despite not having a job, Tial feels that fundraising is the best way she can help. 

Now a high schooler who’s still deeply connected to her Christian roots, she participates in various fundraising activities while having fun raising money to help fund mission trips. 

“I just want to be supportive and help out in as many ways as I can within my own abilities,” Tial said. 

Tial grew up around Christian influences and regularly went to church. She attended Vision School, an organization led by InterCPInternational, which was a nine week program that taught Christian youths about God and his teachings. Vision School often invited missionaries from all around to come and share their testimonies.

It was through Vision School that Tial met many friends who wanted to go on mission trips but struggled due to financial reasons. In order to help fund these trips, Tial and other members of Vision School hosted several fundraisers. 

“I wanted to help my brothers and sisters so they could go on mission trips,” Tial said. “Fundraising makes them feel more confident because they don’t have to worry about money.”

One of the first fundraising activities that Tial participated in was selling mangoes. She and other participants would buy mangoes, cut them up, season them and put them into Ziplock bags to be sold. The whole process normally takes up to five hours. 

Other fundraising activities she’s helped with are selling vintage clothes online, making custom reversible tote bags and custom notebook covers. She says she enjoys how rewarding and fun fundraising can be. 

Sophomore Esther Li, a friend of Tial that she often fundraises with, says that she believes Tial enjoys fellowship with their brothers and sisters through Christ. She says she notices how Tial loves seeing people support the fundraiser. 

“I am proud of her and the brothers and sisters that helped to prepare until the end,” Li said. 

The majority of her customers consist of friends, classmates and people through social media. She says sometimes students she doesn’t know will come up to her to ask about the fundraising and ask how they can buy mangoes from her.

“A lot of people are open to the idea of supporting us and our cause. Being friends with your customers is also really helpful because they are more supportive,” Tial said. 

For anyone wanting to start fundraising and contribute to a cause, she advises them to learn to work together as a team. Through her many experiences fundraising, she has learned the importance of teamwork and how much it helps to improve the productivity of the team. 

“Don’t carry the burdens and stress all by yourself. Know that there are other people. Rely on one another and help one another,” Tial said.