IMC hosts new sticky activity


Zing Hlei Vang, Reporter

The SHS library hosted an activity in the IMC called Duct Tape Art Day where students could stop by to make whatever they could think of with duct tape after school on Jan. 14.

This idea was brought up by students, but then furthered and created by the help of IMC clerk Ms. Tara Foor.

“I was approached by a students who want to do it. They wanted to do an art activities but that are not normal art like painting,” Foor said. “Students wanted to do something with  duct tape stuff, so I was able to make it happen.”

Duct Tape Art Day didn’t stop with students, seeing as two teachers, in addition to six students, participated. Possibilities of creation could range from wallets, bowties, regular ties, flowers or self portraits.

“You could make anything you want with a duct tape,” Foor said.  “I want to leave a lot room for creativity.”

Senior Emily Green, who participated in making duct tape art, says that it’s different from what she normally does, and she had a great time making things with duct tape. According to Green, the IMC has had a lot of programs in the past, but the new Duct Tape Art Day is one of her favorite activities of all.

Foor wishes to do it again, since the students enjoyed it, but Foor thinks that only one or two times would be sufficient because of the cost of supplies and the time it takes.

“It makes more novelty to offer cool things like this,” Foor said.