Snow days slow down One Acts production

Hugo Oskarsson , Reporter

The preparations for the student directed one acts have been going on since December, with crew working on props for the set. While snow days are slowing preparations down, both crew and the tech theater students had to work together to get everything done in time.

For nearly two months, students from the theater production class has been busy directing one acts; a series of short plays, for an exclusive performance on Jan. 15. Meanwhile, the crew and tech theater class claims to have been working hard to get the set and props ready for performance night.

However, snow days occurring on January 7-8 have given the crew less time to get the props ready. With less time for planning, building and painting, the schedule was bound to get tighter.

“It slowed us down a little bit,” said theater teacher Barbara Whitlock.

The slowing down of the props production affected the cast of the one acts as well. As props were not completed in time for production week, some unfinished projects were left on stage and the cast didn’t get the opportunity to practice with the props as much as they might’ve wanted. “We were missing practice with some of [the props],” Sophomore and cast member Taylor Kincaid said.

However, most in the crew say they were not too worried about the situation, they’d guessed at the future from their knowledge of the past. The snow days were anticipated because in actuality the crew has experienced worse situations in previous productions.

“Last year was worse because we missed the entire week before one acts, so this didn’t really scare me at all,” said senior and crew member Isaac Tierney.

While crew did as much as they could, they had to rely on tech theater classes to get things done, according to Mrs. Whitlock. According to Tierney, they went on to work faster when they got back from the snow days. 

“No jacking around, we just got it done,” Tierney said.

When the student directed shows took stage on January 15, the props were ready for production. According to Ms. Whitlock, no compromises had to be made to the sets on stage, despite the snow days. “It just got a little more stressful,” she said.

And while Ms. Whitlock wouldn’t say everything was completely perfect, she was happy with the end result. 

“Do I think we could have done more to have it look a little more professional, or a little bigger? Absolutely,” she said. “But we got what we needed done.”