New teacher comes to SHS with plenty of experience

Trinity Cline-Smith, Reporter

Ms. Amy Thomas has only been a teacher at SHS for two weeks, but she is already thrilled with the experience.

“When I saw the opening this semester, my principal said ‘go, go interview’ and so I did,” Thomas said.

Thomas has taught at a total of five other schools including Franklin Central High School, Western Boone High School, Sheridan High School, Marian High School and a school out in Colorado. She has also taught at Ivy Tech and Colorado Mountain College. She says that every school is different and that she utilizes those cultural differences to teach in a new way. She loves to travel, and her mom was a teacher, which inspired her to learn whenever she could.

Thomas graduated from University of Indianapolis, and shortly after she was a Youth Director. She worked with both Southport and Perry Meridian students. But when the job at Southport opened up years later, Thomas says she got excited because her family lives in Indiana, and when she worked in Colorado, she missed them. Thomas says that no matter what, she loves teaching, no matter where it is.

“One of my favorite things about teaching right now is all the technology that’s available…but it can also become a distraction,” Thomas said.

Currently, Thomas teaches mostly juniors, save two shelter classes, which are students that are just starting to learn English. Also, Southport has been a very friendly, welcoming school, Thomas says. Over 30 staff members in SHS have come up to her to welcome her into the school, which makes her happy. She also is thrilled about Southport’s athletics and drama department.

“I’m thrilled to see that the basketball team is doing so well…I’m (also) glad to see that (SHS) has got a strong drama department,” Thomas said.

Thomas’ kids were into drama when they were in high school, and her daughter is currently in college, minoring in dance and theater. Overall, even though Thomas hasn’t been at SHS very long, she is thrilled by the atmosphere and people.

“I’m just excited to be here and look forward to the rest of the year,” Thomas said.