Johanna Krick

September 9, 2022


The relationship between students and teachers was something new for German exchange student Johanna Krick.
In Frankfurt, Germany, teachers were not very open about their personal lives or information with students. Krick did not know any of her teacher’s first names or any information about their background.
“It’s really strict and we know nothing about them,’’ Krick said. ‘‘It’s about the performance you give, none about yourself.’’
Her host mother, English teacher and dance coach Jessi Walpole, was convinced to have an exchange student by Grehn. Grehn sent Walpole profiles for potential exchange students to host.
‘‘As I am going through them, Our family chose Johanna because she looked like she would fit in with our family,’’ Walpole said. ‘‘She just looked like a nice human being.’’
Krick was able to fit in with the Walpole’s because she liked dance, had the same religious beliefs, and loved little kids.
Walpole encouraged her to try out for dance so that she could participate in school clubs. It was easier because she can be at practice with her and transportation will not be a problem. On Friday, Aug. 19, Krick made the team with six years of experience.
“I am going to take [the dance team jacket] home with me because it’s the best clothes and best memories,” Krirk said. “Nobody else has Southport shirts in my German city.”
Walpole feels as if Krick is her own daughter because Krick is open with her and her other daughters love her very much. She is like a role model for them.
Walpole plans to take her to Disney World in October and Daytona Beach. She wants her to see new places such as states that they will drive through to get there. She will visit Chicago in November.
“I am excited to see the U.S. a little bit, to get to know the country I am in, I have never been here as a tourist,” Krick said.

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