Book club is back

Kali Ingels, reporter

The first book club of the new year has finally come back, and it is better than ever according to IMC clerk Ms. Tara Foor. Throughout the remainder of the year, Foor’s goal is read all of the 2015/16 Eliot Rosewater nominees and 15 books that will soon be turned into feature films.

“So far I think the students are really enjoying it,” Foor said. “They get to show up, they get to talk about books, and they get to talk about issues related to books that are problems in today’s society.”

The club’s first theme of the new year is dystopians, which are fictional books about future societies that are completely flawed and imperfect. Some of the books that are included in this category are the Divergent series, “The Giver”, “The Maze Runner”, “The Hunger Games” and many more. Foor says that she picked this theme, because these books are dismal and dreary, like January. The book club will meet this month on Friday, Jan. 30 and like always, will be taking place in the IMC.

The books that are chosen for each of the upcoming months have to be picked by the current book club members, the books have to be found in the IMC and should be related to the theme for the current month. These books are found with assistance from the IMC clerks.

“It doesn’t matter a students reading level, it doesn’t matter if they read multiple copies of the same book,” Foor said. “So (students) and (their) friends can read the same book, or (they) could all read different books, it doesn’t matter.”

Foor says that book club is not going to end when this current school year ends. She is planning to continue having students participate in the SHS book club for years to come. Book club is going better than Foor had ever expected it would be at the beginning of the year. Quite a few students show up, and they love when the staff members get involved and participate. This specific book club is modeled after John Green’s Nerdfighters, they take part in community services each month, and they talk about creativity which involves a craft, and they eat a lot of pizza.