‘Different emotions arise’

An in-depth review into SZA’s album ‘SOS’

Source: Spotify

Source: Spotify

After five long years, SZA is back and better than ever with her new album, “SOS,” released on Dec. 9, 2022. She was the most streamed artist on the global Spotify ranking on the 9th, becoming the first black female artist to become number one. “SOS” is all about heartbreak, the feeling of being lost and being mad at the world.

The first song to come out for this album was “Good Days,” released in 2020. It is all about finding light in her darkness of a relationship. It gave great insight to what this album would be about. This song gave SZA a lot of fame, being her first solo top 10 hit on Billboard’s Hot 100. 

There are 23 songs on the album and it features a variety of music artists, from Don Toliver to Phoebe Bridgers. The album starts with “SOS,” a song filled with anger and resentment for the people around her. It is a short and sweet introduction that gets straight to the point of the album.

As the album goes on, many different emotions arise. Songs go from upbeat and angry to sad and mellow. Just like the rest of the album, the songs take big leaps in emotions. The song “Conceited” is an upbeat song about SZA finding her true self-worth after leaning on someone for so long, but what plays next, “Special” is about her questioning if she was ever good enough. 

Although the album brings a lot of emotional songs that are beautifully written, the length of the songs creates a problem. A lot of the songs are only a minute and a half to two minutes long. If SZA had longer songs, it would add way more to the amazing soundtrack she has. 

In all, this album was amazing. The songs are relatable, and is the perfect album for every mood.