Anonymous first-hand account of an abusive relationship

Brooklyn Raines, Features Editor

I’ve always had a good angel and a bad angel. They’ve been on my shoulders ever since I was a little girl, they debated over the smaller issues when I was younger, like to eat dessert before dinner or not or go play outside when I was suppose to be doing chores or wait until my chores were done. These angels only helped me decide on the smaller ordeals in life, until a few months ago, when I found myself in an unhealthy relationship.

The details of the relationship are not as important as the way the relationship made me feel. He always wanted me there by his side and would try to make me feel bad whenever I devoted my time elsewhere. When I was in a relationship with him I did not get to see my friends and he even limited the time I spent with my family. He would get jealous if I went somewhere without him or didn’t let him where I was going. At first my bad angel would tell me to feel sorry for him that he just wanted to see me and didn’t like to be alone, while my good angel knew he was being controlling. We would argue frequently and it just got worse as time went on. I felt trapped, I felt like I wasn’t myself and like I had no identity without him.

After a traumatic event the relationship slowly ended. Everyday my bad angel talks to me and tells me to call him or text him, and some days I give in and do it. Other days my good angel would give me strength to overcome the urge to hit him up and that day I would be just fine. I’m not going to lie and say that it has been easy because it has not. Some days I have good days where I’m fine and don’t think about him at all and other days aren’t as good when I give him and call me, but every day I make progress and every day I remind myself that I deserve better than what I was receiving from him.