Full story: Changes to come to Booster Club elections this year

Booster Club has helped school spirit to grow over this past school year, according to senior Booster Club member Lily Freese. The Booster Club elections will be conducted earlier than ever for the next school year on March 18.

The new Booster Club members will be in charge of the spring sports of their junior year and also the fall and winter seasons of their senior year.

“The new Booster Club can help us finish off the rest of the year, and also we (current Booster Club) will be able to mentor and help them along,”  Freese said. “It’s not just us doing it, (but) it’s us and the new Booster Club.”

The Booster Club election was usually held in May. Technically, they didn’t have Booster Club responsibilities until the fall season. However, this time, the Booster Club election will be organize as early as March, and they will start their job right away, according to Booster Club advisor Mrs. Stacey Matlock. They will be able to promote spring sports such as track, baseball, softball and tennis and try to get people to come to the events. They will also be in charge of spirit activities for football and basketball seasons.

According to Matlock, the Booster Club officials have neglected their responsibilities and didn’t do what they were supposed to do, right around the spring break.

“It’s frustrating because you trying to get stuff done and you couldn’t,” Matlock said. “So I wanted to somehow fix that habit of not fulfilling their obligations.”

The Booster Club members often don’t have time for spring sports as much as they do with fall and winter sports due to preparation for graduation and for the prom, according to Matlock. Spring sports become disadvantaged for not having Booster Club, which is why this election change was brought up by Matlock and other Booster Club advisor Mr. Samuel Hanley.

“The Booster Club start to rally off right around the end of basketball season into spring season, so I wanted to put a little of kick back into things in the spring,” Matlock said. “A way to do that is to bring in new blood (people) for Booster Club.”

For those students who are interest in becoming the next Booster Club, Informational (call-out) meeting will be on Feb. 19 in room 407 and students need to get into four people in a group. Two co-president, secretary, and treasurer will elected as officers of the club by the students.