AP study sessions cause students to decide between love and education


Junior Kendall McKinney

Rachel Gray, Student Life Editor

Since the recent change in the date for the upcoming AP study sessions for Mathematics, English and Science, the study session will now be held at SHS on Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day for students from Perry Meridian High School, Whiteland High School and SHS. This has caused the students, who will be attending, to have to choose between their holiday plans and spending their day at the AP study sessions. Though Junior Kendall McKinney does not have romantic plans, she will also not be attending next Saturday’s event. Instead, she will be spending her Valentine’s Day by staying in and having a movie day with her mother. She believes that the upcoming study session can be highly important to one’s education, but she felt as though it was more important for her to spend the holiday with family than spend time in AP Physics classes.

“I value my family more than AP Physics study sessions,” McKinney said.

Other students have decided not to attend due to previously made Valentine’s Day plans with their significant others. Junior Sierra Nolan will not be attending the sessions for her AP Language and Composition class. She has decided to continue her holiday plans with her boyfriend Andrew Morgenthaller, which consists of day of shopping and a dinner at Olive Garden.

Though many students throughout SHS, such as junior Chelsea Burnett, may not have Valentine’s Day plans for differing reasons, they believe that it is highly important for students to attend next week’s study sessions. Burnett says that if students truly care about their grades in both the class and on the upcoming AP tests this summer, then they should make time in their schedules to attend the study sessions.

“They have the AP study sessions to help us, and we have the AP tests. If you care about the test you should be there,” Burnett said.

Students throughout SHS have had to make the decision to either attend the upcoming AP study sessions such as Burnett or attend social events for Valentine’s Day such as Nolan. Whether students decide to put family or education first, each student has made the decision to spend this upcoming Valentine’s Day AP study session in the way in which they feel is most important to them.