February is media month

Kali Ingles, Reporter

For the month of February something new is coming to the IMC. For the first time, library clerk Ms. Tara Foor will be calling February, Media Month. It is something that all libraries do across the nation to push emphasis on what they have to offer, where they hold “seminars” about different types of technology.

“It makes it even better because this year the whole school is one to one with chromebooks,” Foor said.

Each week there will be different sessions in which types of technology tutorials will be given, like completing a video with a camera, how to fix or do specific things on the chromebooks like editing videos.

Foor says she really wants to stress that students should come by and see what the IMC has to offer during Media Month. There are two types of literacy according to Foor, there’s the traditional, such as reading and there’s technological literacy.

“We are in a technological era where everybody knows how to use a phones, but may not know how to use it properly,” Foor said.

Throughout this month she will also be stressing the code of conduct on the internet, privacy issues and copyright laws. Foor says students will like this because they can come up to the IMC and play with the different types of technology they have in the IMC and get more familiar with it.  The IMC will also have things they can make and objects they can play with, like an Xbox.

Foor has invited kids to come up to the IMC and on Wednesdays they can come after school, ask any questions they have about any category of technology and she will try to help them learn what they need to know.  Each Wednesday there will be a different type of technology present.

Along with that, Wednesday Feb. 4 is DIgital Media Day. On that day Foor will have the chromebooks, cameras and headphones out, teachers and kids can stop by and see what the the SHS library has to offer. As of right now, Media Month is not stable, so things will and might be changing, but Foor expects to have a final calendar out soon for students.