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May 19, 2023


Sophomore Alexia Nava’s family has been making desserts, specifically ice cream, for three generations now, starting in Mexico. They started a restaurant called Paradise to continue that tradition.

“You don’t really see places like this in Indianapolis […] it’s just a really cute place to go to,” Nava said.

Paradise is owned by Nava’s parents, uncle and aunt. So, she and her cousins may inherit the business once they all grow up. Nava is interested in doing nails though, so she plans on starting a nail business herself.

Social media has been a key element in advertising the restaurant. Paradise got a boost in popularity after being featured on Indy’s food instagram and Tiktok page. As well, Junior Sui Kong found out about the restaurant via social media and enjoys visiting Paradise.

“Paradise is definitely a place you would go with friends,” Kong said. “It’s very welcoming […] it’s just a very nice place to go.”

Her favorite desserts are Mini Tres Leches and the Mangonadas. Both are Mexican desserts, the Mini Tres Leches are a cake and the Mangonadas are a mango sorbet and chamoy topped with chili powder.

Kong often spends around $20 each visit.

Kong would recommend people to visit as she’s really enjoyed her experience.
“It’s just such a cute environment,” Kong said. “I would love to go again.” 

Some of the most popular products at Paradise would be the crepes, fresh fruit water and their ice cream.

Nava works at Paradise on occasion, but the business has enough of its own workers that she doesn’t always have to be there. But, even though it’s her family’s restaurant, Nava truly enjoys the atmosphere and the items on the menu.

“I hope you guys visit Paradise and have the best experience there,” Nava said.

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