SHS senior sings at Chin National Day opening ceremony


Emily Sung sings an opening song at Chin National Day. Picture contributed by Emily Sung.

Janet Tluang, Foreign Language Editor

The 67th Chin National Day was once again celebrated successfully on Feb. 21st at the Southport Life Center. Due to the abundance of snow, the attendance was smaller than last year, however the people that attended the event had the chance to enjoy various dances from different chin  tribes and look at different tribes’ clothing through a fashion show.

Every other year on the celebration of chin national day, an after concert and a wrestling match would be held on the same day. However, this year, the festival was celebrated a little bit differently. The wrestling match was held a week earlier (Feb. 14) than the actual celebration, but the concert and the celebration were still held on the same day, but separated into two sessions.

Senior Emily Sung has been singing the opening ceremony for Chin National Day since 2012. In this year’s opening song, she sang a song called “Lairam dawtnak mithli.” This song represents how important and precious Chin state is, said Sung. It represents the message that moms and dads living in the chin state have for their growing generation that traveled away from their homeland for a better future. The message is to never forget God’s blessing no matter where they may travel, to never forget your nationality or where your home is.

“Im honored to be able to preserve our culture and it’s value by singing on Chin National Day all these years,” said Sung “I hope that the song I sang will touch many people’s hearts and continue to carry on the messages.”

Chin National will be held again next year on Saturday, February 3, 2016.