International Club celebrates different culture

Kali Ingels, Reporter

The International Club is a program in which throughout the school year different students have had the opportunity to come together and enjoy several different cultures that they may have not had otherwise.The International Club sponsor and Spanish teacher Ms. Rachel Malinsky has been involved with this program for approximately 9 years. She believes that International Club helps the students of SHS broaden their cultural views and view things outside of the US.

“The purpose of this club is for students to learn and experience culture and language from various countries outside the US,” Malinsky said.

The International Club consists of approximately 15 to 20 student as well as teacher members who are all currently taking at least one of several of the different languages that are offered at SHS such as Spanish, French, Chinese and German. The students and teachers of International Club typically have their group meetings on the first Tuesday of each month in Malinsky’s room.

Malinsky believes that the club has been off to a really great start. She has seen that the students and even the teachers have been really enjoying the activities they have been taking part in while spending time in International Club. The students and staff, who participated in one of the most recent meetings, have made cascarones, Mardi Gras Masks and Mardi Gras themed food from multiple different countries. During their next meeting, the International Club will be participating in several differing activities. Malinsky says that the students always have a great time at International Club, and they are excited for what’s to come. Students who would like to become a part of the International Club are able to discuss any questions about the program or joining can talk to Malinsky.