SHS offers Jessica Pinna Memorial Scholarship

Kali Ingels, Reporter

At the age of 6, Jessica Pinna was a first grader at Glenns Valley Elementary. In 2006, on Nov.14, Pinna was killed by a 16 year old driver crashed into a car that was carrying herself, her mother and her older sister. Inexperience and passenger distractions were major contributions to the accident. The Jessica Pinna Memorial Scholarship 2015 encourages safe driving habits.

For students that are looking into this scholarship, they must be a current graduating senior in Perry Township, Indiana, have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA, submit an essay on ‘Responsible Driving – Making the right choices,’ and must be accepted to attend a higher education institution in Indiana in the Fall of 2015, students must submit a copy of their acceptance letter.

Within the essay students need to comment about themselves. Then include what makes them a safe driver, how they set examples for their peers and younger family members. Also, students should express their thoughts on some or all of the following: choosing safety behind the wheel, habits and skills while in the drivers seat, personal experiences and examples and influences of others. The essay must be between 500-750 word, typed, one inch margins. paragraph spacing at one and a half lines, Times New Roman and 14 point font.

Applications are available in students services. Students should return the application to their counselor along with the essay, letter of recommendation, high school transcript, a copy of the acceptance letter.

Two individuals will be chosen to receive $500 each. A one dollar donation (free will) submitted with each application will provide the support needed to sustain this fund for future scholarship awards. Details for the seletion process are posted on