Student finds happiness in singing

Kali Ingels, Reporter

She started to sing because it was something that she had to do in elementary school, but overtime she enjoyed it so much that she decided to join choir in sixth grade. Singing has now became a major hobby for junior Mary Catherine Dickinson.

Dickinson was new to the district and says before coming to Perry Township she never really sang before. In her original home in Ohio, she says they didn’t emphasize singing. When she started to attend Jeremiah Gray Edison she didn’t  know what she was doing.

“I just kind of stood there and the music teachers made me sing,” Dickinson said.

Dickinson says that she can sing in front of a whole crowd of strangers, but when it comes to people she knows, she gets really nervous and she won’t do it. But if it is around friends, she will just bust out into a song. Alot of the reason why she keeps singing is because she love it because it is one of her biggest passions.

“You have people around you always saying ‘Oh you can do it and you have a talent,’” Dickinson said. “So them telling me that pushes me.”

Inspiration comes in a different form for Dickinson. She doesn’t look up to a specific artist, though a specific type of genre inspires her.

“I love ballads because they let you expand on your vocals unlike other things,” Dickinson said.

Most people tell her to not stop singing, a lot of that came from her dad. She says he would say she could do anything she can put her mind to and not to be shy about her talent. When she gets out of high school, she says she would really love to pursue something in music, but she says it is really hard, so she is not sure yet.