What to do in Indianapolis over spring break


The Indianapolis Skyline. Another activity available to everyone staying in town for spring break is checking out the Cultural Trail throughout Downtown Indianapolis. Photo from www.cleveland.com

Hugo Oskarsson, Reporter

As spring break approaches, many people are planning their trips to other states, or even other countries. But not everyone can, or simply wants to, leave the city over break. So what are some fun things to do right here in Indianapolis in the coming weeks?

A classic thing for students to do on their free time is going to the movies, and there are many new movies coming out just in time for spring break. “Cinderella,” which came out on March 13, is Disney’s live action remake of the tale about a Ella, the girl who is forced to live with her cruel stepmother and stepsisters after her father’s death. That is, until she meets a dashing stranger, causing her fortunes to change.

Another anticipated movie coming out this spring break is “Insurgent”, the movie adaptation of the second book in the Divergent series. It takes off right where the first movie ended, with Tris and Four having to continue their fight against the powerful alliance threatening to tear the society of a post-apocalyptic Chicago apart. “Insurgent” is set to come out in theatres on March 20.

Indianapolis also offers a number of concerts during the two weeks of break from school. Bo Burnham, a musician and comedian, is set to perform at Old National Theatre during spring break, on March 28. Three days later, on March 31, Walk The Moon, a band known for songs like “Shut Up And Dance” and “Anna Sun,” will perform at the same venue. The concert will be held as a part of the bands “Talking Is Hard” tour.

If you like museums, Indianapolis has got your back. The Indiana State Museum is active with their “Going Green” festival on March 20-21. The event will showcase eco-friendly products and services, local environmental leaders, lifestyle activities and much more.

The Indianapolis Museum of Art also has a variety of art exhibitions, both historical and contemporary, including their latest exhibition, “On Stage,” exploring the meaning behind traditional Japanese performing arts. If the spring weather is good, you might even want to check out “100 acres,” a public park behind the museum displaying a number of large outdoor artwork, including “Team Building” and “Funky Bones.” Plus, general admission is completely free until April, but even then students just need to show their school ID to get into the museum for free, so you don’t have to pay for anything but transportation and parking.