Marina Diamandis releases one clever song at a time from her latest album

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Mikayla Whittemore, Reporter

Two agonizing years after the bubblegum pop, “Electra Heart,” the European singer Marina Diamandis has finally returned with a new album, “FROOT.” However, it has not been entirely released as she has been slowly giving fans just one song per month. The transition between her latest album and “Electra Heart” does not diverge entirely when it comes to the sound of it, but she’s made a distinct change in content. As opposed to her vapid, washed-out American based resonance in the former, the latter holds  a fresh wave of vitality.

“I think I used to believe that being depressed was part of my personality or that I was born like that, but it’s quite shocking to realize that perhaps that isn’t the case,” Diamandis said in an interview published by The Line of Best Fit.

Starting in October back in 2014 with the cleansing release of her single, “Froot,” Marina delivered a song with an electronic, ‘80s video-game vibe. The lyrics are as clever as always and remain filled with metaphors and a multitude of feelings ranging from dark to celebratory. Since then she has gone about assigning each of the following months with a “Fruit of the Month,” to correspond.

“I want to create a cyber garden on stage… like an electric orchard with these huge orange trees,” said Diamandis in the interview with The Line of Best Fit.

Of the other four songs so far released, “Happy” and “Immortal” are the slower ballads of the album. The former offers a revitalizing outlook on her progression of her sentiments. Though not perfect, most of the negativity she associated with the previous years of her life were being washed away.

“I’m a Ruin,” ironically is an upbeat melody recounting her regrettable actions she made during  a relationship in which she toyed with and pummeled the feelings of her lover.

Finally, “Forget,” the latest of those to be available for her fans, is a poppy, emotional turnover. Diamandis emphasised her attempt to be able to let go of the grudges she’s held and move forward through life because life would not stop for her.