NHS helps build character

Ema Robertson , Reporter

The National Honor Society (NHS) has been around for 94 years, and SHS continues to participate in making students part of this society. NHS is a society that recognizes honorable students. Not just any ordinary student can be in this society, it takes many outstanding character traits and scholarly effort to be a part of this special group, according to NHS.

Teacher Mr. Elmer Sanders is one of the two leaders of this society for SHS. He says the criteria for being a part of the society is crucial and are the absolute requirements for being in NHS.

“They’re selected based on four criteria,” Sanders said. “One is academics, they must have a GPA higher than 3.5. Secondly they need to have school activities and community service. Lastly they receive character references from teachers.”

Sanders also says students do not have to be an honors student to possibly fit into the program.

“The honor student means different things because of subjects that have the word honor next to them,” Sanders said. “What is important is that (the student) has honorable character.”

Honorable character can be placed into many categories but Sanders says there are specific details NHS looks for.