Due to lack of participation, there will be no after prom

Trinity Cline-Smith, Reporter

Last year, nearly 100 students bought tickets to SHS’s after prom, according to assistant principal Mrs. Amy Boone.

This year, though, there will be no after prom. Theater teacher Ms. Barbara Whitlock says that it’s because of the lack of students who show. She also says that typically it is set up by parents of juniors here at SHS, but for this year, no one seemed to step up for the job. Instead, Boone suggests that students can find a group of friends to hang out with that will have some type of supervision so that they don’t get into trouble.

Boone also says that in the past, she has heard that students go to restaurants that serve 24 hours a day, such as Steak n’ Shake or IHOP with their friends after prom.

In addition, about.com suggests that teenagers can go out to a midnight movie, go bowling or simply have a sleep over. They also suggest camping or having a beach party, but the article states that camping could take some preplanning and for students at SHS, a beach might not be close at hand.

Nevertheless, senior Zac Biddle says that students can create their own after prom since there won’t be one this year. He says that it gives SHS students an opportunity to be more creative with it and have more fun.

“Yes I do (believe that students could get in trouble). The faculty are standing over the shoulders of the students (at after prom) for the safety of the students. Prom is an exciting time and some in the student body can be overzealous and potentially cause harm to themselves or others,” Biddle said. “With seniors so close to graduation, I find it not worth it to make poor decisions for a few more hours of fun.”