Jersey Thursdays with Mr.Cross

Thursday. 48 hours before the weekend begins. SHS teacher Mr. Jordan Cross felt like that day needed to be spiced up. After talking with a few students, the idea was born. Jersey Thursdays.


Every Thursday, Cross wears a sports jersey. Whether it be a throwback NBA, a new hockey or the latest soccer jersey, Cross always enjoys his new tradition. He says he has even bought new jerseys just to continue the practice. His collection is now up to 11 jerseys, Cross says.

“My favorite jersey would have to be my T-Mac jersey that I just got,” Cross said.

While student participation is still growing, Cross says he already has plenty of students that partake in the activity. Sophomore Jaylen Puckett is one of the Jersey Thursday faithfuls.

“I like it because you get to see what jerseys everyone has,” Puckett said. “Old or new.”

Puckett currently owns two jerseys. Out of those, his favorite is his throwback Shaquille O’Neal Orlando Magic Jersey.

With the school year coming to an end, Cross says he plans to continue the tradition into next year.

“The plan is to buy a couple (jerseys) over summer that way I have them,” Cross said. “Then eventually I can just cycle through them.”